JNI Wholesale Makeup & Cosmetics Distributors

Who We Are

JNI Wholesale is a mass distributor of health, beauty, and household products. We proud ourselves in connecting you with our large network of mass distributors, brands, and manufacturers. We distribute products in all price ranges from high end to drug store. JNI's main priority is to cater to all customer to create a seamless experience.
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JNI Wholesale Makeup & Cosmetics Distributors

Who We Serve

JNI Wholesale prides itself in being a mass wholesale distributor to all types of businesses. Whether you run a large network of retail stores or have a small business, JNI has you covered with HBA and household products. Apply for a wholesale account today to know how JNI can better serve your distribution needs.
JNI Wholesale Makeup & Cosmetics Distributors

Industry Experience

While being in business for over twenty years, it has allowed us to develop and gather a prestigious network of partners that gives us a competitive edge.

We are regularly attending and showcasing at industry events which allows us to expand our clientele and create stronger relationships.
JNI Wholesale Makeup & Cosmetics Distributors

What We Do

We supply brand name products to businesses, retail chains, large department stores, salons, and even individual sellers.

We have developed effective and competitive sourcing strategies that create the maximum benefit for all parties involved.

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Wholesale Makeup & Cosmetics

For over 20 years, JNI Wholesale makeup and cosmetics has been a supplier of 100 percent authentic makeup and cosmetics.

Brand Name Wholesaler

For over 20 years, JNI Wholesale has been a supplier of 100 percent authentic brand name beauty, health, and household products.

Purchasing items for your business has never been easier. We update our pricing and stock regularly to allow you to better plan your orders and properly stock for your business.

We offer only quality products from the top brands because our number one priority is our relationship with our buyers. Our inventory consists of travel/sample-size items and full-sized items. It is our hope to nurture loyalty from those who purchase from us and are happy to provide discounts to repeat customers. We look forward to bolstering our relationship with you as your wholesale cosmetics supplier.

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